W!P STICKER PACK2 (#004~006)

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【W!P STICKER PACK2 (#004~006) 】

Sorry to keep you waiting!
The long-awaited second stage of the sticker pack is here!

From the popularity of the first category, I realized that car culture and stickers are inseparable.

It's good for cars, but for wash plastics, I recommend sticking it on a bucket✨

ローカルなコイン洗車場「ウォッシュプラザ」の【#004 I LOVE W!Pステッカー】【#005 Carwashserviceコラボステッカー】【#006 スマホに貼ろうステッカー】の3種類がチョッぴりお得にGETできるステッカーセットです。
This is a sticker set where you can get 3 types of stickers from the local coin car wash "WASH!PLAZA": [#004 I LOVE W!P sticker], [#005 Carwashservice collaboration sticker], and [#006 Sticker to put on your smartphone] at a reasonable price.

WASH!PLAZA stickers can be used outdoors and can withstand UV rays on sunny days, rain, and typhoons for 2 to 4 years.

ミラー、スケートボード、コンテナボックス、ゴミ箱、アッシュトレイ など、あなたの考えつく様々なものに貼って、ドレスアップしよう♪あなたの身の回り品をオリジナルでソーフレッシュソークリーンなアイテムにします✨
Cars, bumpers, bikes, helmets, buckets, roof boxes, water bottles, mugs, laptops, tablets, refrigerators, windows, walls,
Dress it up by pasting it on mirrors, skateboards, container boxes, trash cans, ash trays, and anything else you can think of ♪ Make your personal items original and so fresh and so clean ✨

#004 I LOVE W!Pステッカー: 縦5cm×横5cm
※ 青のハート部分がホログラム仕様で光ります。

#005 Carwashserviceコラボステッカー : 縦5cm×横11cm
※ 「Carwashservice」のヤバい世界観はコチラからご覧いただけます。

#006 スマホに貼ろうステッカー : 縦5cm×横5cm


#004 I LOVE W!P sticker: Height 5cm x Width 5cm
*The blue heart part glows with hologram specifications.

#005 Carwashservice collaboration sticker: Height 5cm x Width 11cm
*You can see the dangerous world view of "Carwashservice" here.

#006 Sticker to put on your smartphone: Height 5cm x Width 5cm
#Wash Plaza Instagram icon

*All stickers can be used outdoors.

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